6 trendiest changes in the education system

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The education system is felling the impacts of technology. Technology is creating huge changes in all sectors of the economy. There have already been huge changes in the health sector, entertainment, and financial sector. With the help of changes in technology, the classrooms are evolving. The teaching patterns have changed with the introduction of online classes.

Virtual reality impact on Education

Virtual technology is slowly making its impact on the education system. With the help of technology, students will be able to learn in a whole new way. They will be able to interact and learn in a virtual 3D world. Big companies like Google, Facebook, Samsung, and Sony are the frontrunners in this field. Some schools have already started using these VR systems to teach the studens.

Benefits of VR on the students

Virtual reality is expected to help students learn in a new way. This will be more fun, engaging and highly interactive. It will abolish the old system of education where students learn and then simply write it. Most students have difficulty in handling the conceptual and creative questions.

Learn by doing it

With the introduction of the VR in the education system, the students will be able to learn easily. When you do something you tend to learn it more. So you will be able to do the experiments or view the 3D models and this helps you learn easily.

Introducing creativity

VR will immensely boost the creativity of the students. They can practically model their thoughts into creative models. With this, they will be able to learn in a trial and error approach. Although it’s more timeconsuming but the concepts stay in memory for a long time.

Visual learning helps to understand easily

There could be an important diagram that you are not able to understand due to its 2D nature. When you see a 3D model of it students would be able to visualize it. This helps in easier learning and concept formation.

How AI and machine learning are creating a stir in the education system?

Artificial intelligence or AI is also creating an impact on the education system. With the help of artificial intelligence, students will be able to learn. The AI robots will make sure the students learn at a pace that is easier for them. The robots will better understand the doubts and focus more on the children.

How the education system will be automated with the help of AI

Various things can be automated in school. These include teaching of subjects, getting feedback, assessment checking etc. This will be done efficiently and also save loads of time.

With the help of machine learning, students will be able to do online classes specially designed for them. With proper implementation in the education system, it will help to cost-effective for the schools.

Cloud Computing in Education

There will be little use of books in the schools of tomorrow. There will be online classes and devices for student’s use. It will have the entire syllabus and all the courses in detail. The introduction of cloud computing will help to access resources from anywhere on the internet.

The lessons will be conducted in audio and video mode. The exams and assignments will also be conducted with the use of technology. Cloud computing will also enable the students to chat with the tutors. The education system will have almost no use of books and copies.

Benefits of 3D printing

3D printing is already causing a huge revolution in the education system. 3D printing students will be able to see the 3D diagrams and models easily. It will be easier to visualize the entire thing for students. The complex DNA model and 3D geometry are topics that are taught in 2D papers. But students have difficulty in visualizing the thing on a 3D style. With 3D printing is schools students will be able to see the models. It will also help students to generate 3D models during their projects. Students can also better explain the models with the 3D model.

Positive Impact of Social media on Education

Social media is considered as one of the inventions of the decade. Social media like Facebook was introduced on college campuses only. Students and educational institutions several kilometers apart will be able to connect. They will be able to contests and inter-college meetings live. Here is how the education system and the students are already benefiting-


As children grow up they need to socialize and make friends. You can make friends on social media from any country or religion. This way we can learn a lot about their lifestyle, culture, and religion. The cultural and social barriers of society are abolished.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge is not only gathered from books. When you met new people you get to know about new things and ideas. These ideas can be not printed on the textbooks. This concept of idea sharing is also highly important for the education system. This is a huge benefit to the students and the education system.

Being able to learn from new sources

Another thing is that you can learn from worldwide resources. There is no fee or charge that you have to pay for this. It can help in quick knowledge gathering for the students and thus save a lot of time.

User of biometric systems

Biometric systems will reduce the duplicity during exams and assignments. This will also abolish manual attendance systems. Biometric systems include fingerprint scanners, facial and voice recognition systems. This will help the schools to provide education to the student in a more efficient way. It will also enable them to save a lot of time.

Most of these systems are still on their development stage. But once they come up the education system will be revamped. It will be of immense help to the students. It will also be a cost-effective way for the schools. There is already cut-throat competition in this sector. The introduction of these technology will help the students of tomorrow to be more creative.


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